TrekTrak at Dragon*Con 2010
D*C is really dropping the ball on Trek Trak. I completely understand they have the right to decide who will direct the tracks. However, TrekTrak was one of the most popular if not the most popular of all of the tracks. Thousands run thru there for various panels, parties and of course the Ms. Klingon Empire Pageant. I...t is almost March and none of us regulars can plan for this years events.

It takes months to have costumes created and purchase props and/or practice the talent portion. I know I sound like a whiny teenaged boy as opposed to a 40 something Trek fan, but damn, at the very least D*C could give us the courtesy of putting out some information.

You have Sirtis, Shimmerman, Frakes, Brooks and others booked for the con. Obviously most if not all of the Trek stars currently booked are only there for Star Trek. (except Shimmerman he could Whedonverse)

But with no information and it being near the end of February, D*C silence is totally unsat.

I'm still coming to D*C, however the management of D*C better be wary of taking Star Trek fans for granted.

They dropped Eric, with seemingly no immediate plans to replace him and now some of us fans have to sit around and decide if we want to even come to D*C and if so, not be able to fully experience Trek Trak (or its new incarnation).

Piss Poor Planning I say.

And in the end, it will be the Trek fans that will suffer.


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